Hard to find the words to describe it


Delta by Art & Mod is a battery box with minimal design, high quality materials and high-level finishes.


"When you admire a work of art you can only look at it with respect and calm, capturing every detail with your eyes."


Handcrafted in Italy and born from the imagination of an artist who seeks nothing less than perfection.

Your favorite design in 5 seconds

Delta has aesthetic and functional components that are easy to replace. Thanks to the magnetic connectors you can change your favorite design making your experience with Delta more exclusive.

Magnetic Parts:

  • 510 Plate Deck
  • Front Panel
  • Fire Button

Again, the best of exotic materials

A careful search for exotic materials results in an aesthetic and functional masterpiece.


  • BodyElforyn Super Tusk; Ebonite; Delrin
  • Metal Parts6082 Aluminium & Black Cerakote coated
  • DNA60 Chip
  • Dimensions77 x 42 x 28 mm