Nameless is Wood Box with DNA60


Nameless by Art & Mod Nameless is a super compact box made with high quality materials, carefully chosen and meticulously handled.


Handcrafted in Italy.

Fully customizable

Designed and conceived for all lovers of compact mods but without giving up a current design that winks
at the past.


One of the strong points was the circuit compartment separated from the body of the mod. For us a high-end product must not have glue, it must also be clean in the wiring and the hidden parts must be level with the visible parts.

Titanium Kit

Making a plate that has a perfect coupling with the wood and that is immune to gaps is a process that requires time and patience.

High End Material

A high-end product must have high-end materials and no one can deny what the ABC of a "high end" product must be, even if many times this term has been misused in our industry.


A high-end product does not necessarily have to have an innovative design, sometimes it can trace shapes already seen or reinterpret them to the taste of the craftsman, but as you know, design has been one of our trademarks since Art & Mod has existed.

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